Maryland’s O’Malley becomes 5th Catholic governor to sign legislation allowing same-sex marriage.

A few points for reflection:

1. From a religious point of view I think that our secularization is the result of a dull and lifeless faith. People drift away from God because they believe less, because they think their problems are all going to find a solution in technology, science, or their own knowledge, and not in God. We are not humble and fail to acknowledge the region – dare I say the reign of supernatural mystery that puts us in contact with a reality that goes beyond us. We refuse to recognize our creaturehood and instead make ourselves the center of the universe without any ties to God. We define ethical norms for ourselves, what is good and evil without any reference to God’s revelation. Therefore, we will be doomed to increasing secularization, which will only make man more miserable.

2. Obama is right only because his stick is bigger than mine; not because his thoughts are more worthy or his argument more nuanced and developed. We no longer have right, left, religious or atheist – we have ruling class and the ruled. If “our guy” is in power we feel vindicated – even if he is tyrannical. He is, after all, our guy – and if he lies about conscience at U Notre Dame, or lies about reducing abortion or lies about if you are happy with your health insurance, it will not change, if he lies about the deficit – now at over $70,000 per American that is just fine, because he is “our guy”.

3. Relativism at its expected end is the imposition of power over conscience at the point of the sword. We are seeing this now in a contraceptive mandate no one asked for. It is not about who pays for a stupid little pill – it is about forcing the oldest and greatest organization in history to bend to a tyrant’s will.

4. The Catholic Church’s belief that Jesus Christ is the unique savior of the world and that Christ’s mission continues in a distinctive way in the Catholic Church makes Catholicism a discomforting presence for relativists who call for its suppression or consider it irrelevant. We are the example of continuity and we claim possession of the completeness of truth about God and about his relationship with us – even if no one listens or disregards its teachings.

5. The heresy that all truths are equal, so long as they’re sincerely held, is about all that today’s culture can offer in answer to Pontius Pilate’s eternal question “Truth? What is truth?” The Church therefore is a threat because she defends her children with truth using motherly zeal in season and out – to the point of shedding HER blood. Persecution begins with marginalization and if one believes the Church is marginalized, lampooned and disregarded by tyrants then one rightly observes the beginning of persecution and at that point one must choose a side – persecutor or defender.

6. If sincerity and not reality is the measure of truth, then truth is ephemeral, a mere cognitive or psychological construct susceptible to the whims of man. To say, “All Truths are equal” is to say that there is no truth in the sense of the truth – reality, accuracy, certainty or legitimacy.

7. If there is no truth, then lies must fill the void and only one power is called a liar and murderer from the beginning. The other founded the Catholic Church and dared to call himself “the Truth”. So choose a side carefully and it is not right or left, popular or unpopular. It is not some selection in the cafeteria of religions or spiritualities or some odd feeling that justifies some past sin(s) that remain yet to be confessed.

There are Truths and there are Lies. You will spend eternity with the father of one or the other and your choice to serve truth or serve lies will determine your fate.